Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kysid leiba, antakse kivi...

...kysid kolumni, antakse spämm.

Ameeriklased on ikka naljakad.
No mis sellest, et puhtalt ehku peale, aga ikka kysisin ma Obama kontorist uitmõtte ajel lugu selle kohta, kuidas USA presidendivalimiste tulemus võiks pikemas perspektiivis maailma majandust mõjutada. Selle asemel saadeti mulle sihuke tekst:

Dear ...,

Over the weekend, Mayor John Fetterman of Braddock asked folks like you to share your story of how you've been frustrated by Washington politics.

The response was overwhelming.

More than 10,000 Pennsylvanians -- most from small cities and towns not unlike Braddock -- took a moment to say they know Barack Obama is the candidate who'll fight for working families and working communities.

Here are two of the amazing stories you've shared:

Sam from Media, PA wrote:

I like guns and I'm religious. Nothing is more precious than our sense of community, which has been destroyed by corporate interests domination of trade policy, immigration policy, and healthcare policy. Typical bureaucratic Washington hasn't done much else for education either.
Yeah I'm a little bitter and I know a lot of people who are downright angry. I'd like to hear Obama say more about small town residents' anger and bitterness and give voice to how my neighbors and I feel.
I don't think he should run away from the comments but wear them as a badge of honor...and say how Hillary and McCain don't understand how angry people are and how we do need in change in Washington to help them.
Then he can talk about turning that bitterness to hope.
Ja nii edasi ja nii edasi.

Meigib senssi nagu terve sensimeikimissalong, eks ole. Maine kohe kujundatud. Aitäh, ytlen mina kui ilmselge pennsylvanialane .ee domeenist.

No ma loodan, et sealt ajapikku siiski ka mingi arukas vastus kah tuleb. Ootame, vaatame.

Jabur, jabur, jabur.

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