Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fair as any Lily

Pyyan ikka laulud mitu korda yle kuulata ja kontrollida, et tekst vastaks sellele, mida tegelikult lauldakse. Tõsi, lauljad kipuvad seda sageli muutma. Ega seegi tööd kergemaks tee, et siin segavad oma versioone kaks võrratut muusikut: Christy Moore ja Shane McGowan.

Vana ilus lugu, millele kõiksugu kohtades ohtralt viidatakse. Nagu Wikipedia jutustab, tuleb Spancil Hilli nimi sõnast spancel, mis tähendab kammitsasse panekut. Mäe enda vana nimi oli hoopis Cnoc Fuar Choile (Kylmmetsa mägi). Laulus mainitud laat oli kunagi Iirimaa suurim hobuselaat.

Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by,
Me mind bein' bent on rambling to Ireland's isle did fly,
I stepped on board a vision and I followed with the will,
And I shortly came to anchor at the cross of Spancil Hill.

That being on the twenty-third of June, the day before the fair,
When Ireland's sons and daughters are all assembled there -
The young, the old, the brave, the bold, their duty to fulfill,
At the little church of Clooney, a mile from Spancil Hill.

I went to see me neighbours, to see what they might say,
The old ones, they were dead and gone, the young ones turning grey.
I met with tailor Quigley, he's as bold as ever still,
Sure he used to make me britches when I lived in Spancil Hill.

I paid a flying visit to me first and only love,
She's fair as any lily and gentle as a dove.
She threw her arms around me, saying: "Johnny, I love you still."
Ah she's Meg, the ranger's daughter, and the pride of Spancil Hill.

I turned to hold and kiss her as in the days of yore.
She said: "Johnny, you're only joking, as many's the time before."
The cock crew in the morning, he crew both loud and shrill,
And I awoke in California, many miles from Spancil Hill.

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