Saturday, December 20, 2008


Ei viitsi juttu eesti keelde tõlkida, seepärast kopeerin oma kaks kommentaari Giustino suurepärasele kirjatykile "Hõberebane" siia ingliskeelsetena. Võtke hääks või pange pahaks.


Once upon a time, a friend of mine visited Sweden. It was a long, long time ago, indeed.

One evening, his local friends were watching TV. "You know," they said, "Some young boy called Mart has become your prime minister!"

"Oh yes," he answered, looking for a beer in the fridge, "It's probably Laar, I know him. Last summer, we went fishing. He never got a fish, but he's a pretty good storyteller." And he tried to find a bite, too.

"No way," his friends answered, disappointed in his rotten ethics and downtrodden character. "You probably made it all up. No one goes fishing with the prime minister!"

You'd never imagine the bloody nerves some people have, eh?


Well, kids still have that enjoyable sense of wonder. As I walked along the Viru Center with my teenage daughter, she suddenly clasped my arm and whispered: "Did-you-see-did-you-see-did-you-see?" - "See what?" - "Urmas Paet! The foreign minister!" - "Hmm. Yeah, I noticed. Bad hair, I wonder if he slept well tonight. Not much of a politician." She made a frustrated, unarticulated noise at me.

I guess it's our children who get to design the future, though. Should I be worried? Dunno.

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