Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tulevased uudised

Wikipedia lubab, et tore ryhmitus nimega Anonymous korraldab 14. juunil yleilmse piraatide meeleavalduse saientoloogia kiriku vastu.

The next protest is scheduled for June 14, 2008, and has been titled: "Sea Arrrgh", a satirical reference to the Church of Scientology's Sea Org. Protesters say they plan to dress up as pirates. According to Macquarie National News, members of Anonymous wish to highlight controversial practices of the Sea Org, including what the protesters believe to be forced contracts where Scientologists work below a livable wage, that female Sea Org members who become pregnant are pressured to have abortions, and that children of families in the organization are made to perform difficult physical labor.
Näis, kas Eesti lehed suudavad korjata yles uudise, mille suhtes neid ette on hoiatatud. Meil väidetavalt organiseerunud saientoloogiat suurt pole, kui unustada kymmekond aastat tagasi Eestisse imbuda yritanud "personalifirma" U-Man. Või nii nad räägivad.

P.S. Kodune nett jupsib. Elion, pähh.

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